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제목 Finding out amazing, unknown places in Sejong of four seasons
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Sejong Special Autonomous City is a new city that has only been established for about six years,

but it has a beautiful landscape and has both features of rural area and city, so there are many places to go at each season.

The major attractions are Sejong Lake Park, which is the largest artificial lake in Korea,

Rooftop Garden of Sejong Government Complex Building, Milmaru Observatory, Dweeungbark-Goel,

Bear Tree Park, Three Cherry Blossom Roads, Biamsa Temple, Yeongpyeongsa Temple,

Geumgang Arboretum and Hapgang Ecological Park.

These places are wonderful at any moment, but with the disticnt features of each season, they will touch you to the heart.

I will find out amazing unknown places of Sejong that have their own seasonal charm, rather than looking for the well-known landmarks.

So, are you coming with me?

The first story of amazing unknown places in Sejong.

A place to go in spring. Bear Tree Park.

The famous spots of Sejong in spring are three major cherry blossom paths

(Jocheon Cherry Blossom Path, Buyong Cherry Blossom Path, Gobok Reservoir Cherry Blossom Path),

the Rose Garden and Fringe Tree Road of the Guemkang Arboretum,

the Wildflower Garden, Mihocheon Rape Blossom Festival, Peach Blossom Festival, and many others.

Cherry Blossoms of Gobok Reservoir in spring

I have no hesitation to choose the Bear Tree Park as the most beautiful landscape in spring.

Bear Tree Park is widely known to people.

But most of them do not know the park has the most beautiful scenery in spring.

So, shall we go to the Bear Tree Park full of cherry blossoms?

Bear Tree Park is an arboretum which is located in Jyeongdong-myeon, Sejong special Autonomous city.

The arboretum is about 82 acre and it approximately has 400,000 flowers and trees of 1,000 species.

It also has a small zoo in it, and that is rare in Korea.

You can enjoy the unique features of Bear Tree Park, such as large juniper trees, hundreds-year-old yew trees, uniquely shaped bonsai trees.

Especially when spring flowers such as cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are in full bloom, Bear Tree Park is literally outshine a paradise.

At the entrance of the park, about 1,000 of fancy carp in the pond welcome the visitors.

When you pass by the pond to the Welcome House, you will notice a white yew tree which looks like a dead one.

That tree is about 900 years old. It is just amazing that this tree is still alive.

Now I understand what people say "Yew trees live for a thousand years and remain for a thousand years after the death."

A little further up through the guest house and bear tree garden, there is a small zoo.

The zoo has baby bears, formosan deers, mandarin ducks, peacocks, parrots, and other small animals, too.

Kids love this space as they can see and touch the animals directly.

Above the zoo, there is a wildflower garden where you can see many flowers in spring.

Around the small waterfall, beautiful plum blossoms give off the scent of spring.

It is the scenery of the fountain in the wildflower garden.

You can see cherry blossoms and plum trees over the mountain, and there is an observatory on the hill as well.

Next to the wildflower garden, cherry blossoms around the lawn attract visitors.

Now we go up to the observatory to see the heart of the spring landscape.

It is as fantastic as a paradise to look down the richness of the spring from the observatory.

There is one more beautiful garden called Mankyeongbiwon, which means a secret garden that shows 10,000 of sceneries.

When you pass through the secret door - like entrance, a fantastic scene with mirrors, fountains, and phalaenopsis attracts you.

There is a small shelter on the right side, and on the left side, a secret garden spreads out along the path.

Rubber tree bonsai, cactuses, sophora japonicum, wood fossils, and roots of trees are in beautiful harmony with ground cover plants.

The garden is divided into upstairs and downstairs, so as to classify into Korean landscaping and tropical landscaping.

Bonsai garden is also a must-see attraction. Dozens of yew trees and pine bonsai trees stand there gracefully.

You can appreciate beautiful bonsai throughout the four seasons, including azalea bonsai in spring and maple bonsai in autumn.

Above this, Bear Tree Park has many places to look around

such as formosan deer park, asian black bear park, bear sculpture park,

a beautiful pond called Songpajeong, a tropical garden, a garden of juniper trees,

and a garden of old trees called Songpawon.

I strongly recommend Bear Tree Park as the best place to visit with your family in spring.

The second story of amazing unknown places in Sejong. A place to go in summer.

Hapgang camping Site.

In Sejong, there are many places worth a visit in summer:

Sejong Lake Park, Gobok Natural Park, Wonsusan Mountain, Obongsan Mountain,

and the Rose Garden of the Geumgang Arboretum.

Wonderful sunset of Sejong Lake Park

However, the place I would like to visit in summer is the Hapgang camping Site.

Hapgang camping Site is located right at the joint where Geumgang river and Miho Stream meet,

which run through Sejong Special Autonomous city.

Geumgang flows in front of the camping site,

and wild flowers like daisy fleabane and golden coreopsis are all over the place in summer.

This wonderful natural environment makes Hapgang camping Site one of the best attractions in Sejong.

Its auto camp is about 24 acre and it has 102 pitches.

It accommodates 860 people to the maximum.

Its trailer camp has 29 camper vans (for 2, 4 and 6 people), and it accommodates 220 people to the maximum.

It is a well-equipped camping site which has perfect modern facilities

such as management building, restroom, shower room, sink, electricity supply facility, bicycle rental station.

Like I said above, the trailer camp called Taegeuk Zone has 29 trailers,

and the trailers will make you feel cosy different from tents.

Daisy fleabanes are in full bloom everywhere, so it is almost like you are camping in a wildflower garden.

Hapgang camping site is the right place where you can enjoy camping along with the beautiful nature.

Golden coreopsises are also in bloom here and there, so it is no different from heavenly flower garden.

One family is having aod time eating at the campsite.

Don't they just look happy?

This child fell into playing go alone.

Right in front of the campground flows Geumgang,

and you can see the wonderful Aramchan bridge over the river.

Sometimes thick fogs risen from the river make a spectacular view.

You can enjoy the splendid view of Aramchan bridge with a sunset glow at dusk.

When the darkness falls on the campground,

lights are lit in various tents, creating a different scene from the one you saw in the daytime.

Next to the Hapgang camping site,  there is a Hapgang park and an ecological park

which are the best courses that you can take a walk in the morning.

You can have a leisurely stroll or take a bicycle that you can borrow from the campsite to take a look around.

If you are lucky, you will come across a wonderful wet fog like this.

If you want to go camping and enjoy the beautiful nature with your family,

come here at the Hapgang Camping Site, where Geumgang flows!

The third story of amazing unknown places in Sejong.

Ssangnyu-ri Art Village, where you can smell autumn and arts.

Autumn is the season of travel. In this beautiful season, great scenery welcomes you everywhere you go.

In Sejong alone, there are many places to go enjoy the beauty of autumn,

such as Yeongpyeongsa Temple, Siberian Chrysanthemum Festival,

Mihocheon Garden Cosmos Festival, Metasequoia Road and Maple Garden of the Geumgang Arboretum,

and Siberian Chrysanthemum and Pyracantha of Dweeungbark Village.

Autumn scenery of Dweeungbark Village

However, I would rather go to the Ssangnyu-ri Art Village

to find the unknown beauty of autumn that are not widely known to people.

Sangnyu-ri Art Village is a place where six artists gather to form a small village

and make art like Western paintings, sculptures, and metal crafts.

Artworks are displayed outside of the village

where the scent of chrysanthemum exudes among red and yellow autumn leaves.

You can enjoy the scent of nature and art together,

so how can you not call the place an attraction of autumn?

This is the front view of the village which you can see from the wayside.

It is a small and beautiful village like a rural housing complex.

Gallery FM98.5 welcomes visitors at the entrance of the Art Village.

It is a space where you can enjoy art, quiet music and coffee aroma altogether.

It is also where the art exhibition is held.

Pass by the café and turn right,

then you will be able to see the artworks displayed outside with an autumn scenery.

Is not this first work extraordinary already?

Autumn leaves, quince, and artworks...

It is a unique harmony that you can see only in Ssangnyu-ri Art Village.

Artworks are wonderful, and moreover the chrysanthemums and maple leaves...

Is not this a place that you have an urge to go in autumn?

I can feel a melancholy gaze from the woman looking outside at the stairway on the second floor.

Who is she waiting for?

You can get a glimpse of the artist's delicate sense in her back.

This piece is very interesting.

Let's run... The Autumn wants to run to somewhere...?

The sculpture of a woman is lying on the grass in the warm autumn sunshine,

enjoying the true taste of autumn.

That is an iron sculpture, and it has a strong and sharp impression.

It is by contrast with the dried persimmons next to it.

This is not a work of art. LOL

Where artists live, a house is also artistic.

The sculpture of a woman sitting in front of the yard is eye-catching.

A place full of autumnal and artistic atmosphere.

The landscape of Ssangnyu-ri Art Village seems to be the best attraction of this autumn.

The fourth story of amazing unknown places in Sejong.

Beautiful snowy place in winter, Gobok natural park.

If you look for a winter scenery, you will expect a snowy landscape first.

There are many beautiful snowy places in Sejong

such as Biamsa Temple, Yeongpyeongsa Temple, Dweeungbark-Goel,

Mihocheon, Jocheon Lotus Park and Geumgang Arboretum.

A snowy landscape of Yeongpyeongsa Temple

However, I would like to recommend Gobok Natural Park,

which is not widely known for a snowy landscape, as the best place to travel in winter.

It is fun to walk on the crisp white snow piled up on the road around the Gobok Reservoir,

but looking around a snowy country - like scenery is by far the best thing to do in winter.

After you enjoy the snowy landscape and start to feel chilly,

stop by the nearby coffee shop to have a cup of hot coffee, enjoying the mood of winter.

Then, you will feel like you have everything in the world.

White snow falls heavily, but a duck swims on the unfrozen water all alone.

Is not it cold, sweetie?

To watch snow piling up silently is what you can enjoy only in winter.

Snow is piled up on the trees around the Gobok Reservoir, on the wooden walkway and the pillar.

Imagine that you walk on the snow by yourself which no one has stepped on yet.

Is not it exciting just by thinking about it?

Walking along the path in the falling snow is good,

but it will be a pleasant stroll as well to walk on the snow

that shines under the blue sky after the snow stopped.

White snow on the mountain, wet fog over the water...

The word of fantastic landscape is to use for the time like this.

A snowy country.. Where is this place?!

It is not another country.

This is the winter scenery of Gobok Reservoir in Sejong Special Autonomous City.

The deck and the scenery around the reservoir is as beautiful as a picture.

On day like this, what camera you use, or how you take a photo does not count.

You will take a wonderful landscape photo like the one in the calender.

Wow! This beautiful snowy landscape...

No further explanation is needed.

The ever-greater landscape of snow-covered Gobok Reservoir makes people's heart beats.

Snow on the deck, where no one has stepped on...

This place has a wonderful snowy scenery, but no one visits here.

Is not that a proof that this is an unknown place which has an amazing view?

I believe that anyone who sees this picture

will have the urge to rush to the Gobok Reservoir on snowy day.

Let's go to the Gobok Natural Park on snowy days in winter!

Trips to Sejong Special Autonomous City

to find out the amazing unknown places of four seasons.

We looked around Bear Tree Park in spring,

Hapgang Camping Site in summner,

Ssangnyu-ri Art Village in autumn,

and Gobok Reservoir in winter.

There are many wonderful places worth a visit,

but it is also a wisdom of life to look for the unknown places that are seasonable.

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