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제목 [PART 2] Sejong city’s Healing Tourist Spot Best 10 for 2 days’ tour by KTX
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태그 [English]

Our fifth healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city

is the Gobok Natural Park, only one Natural Park in Sejong city.

The circumference of the reservoir is built with wood deck,

which is very comfortable to stroll.


The road to Gobok Natural Park is beautiful

and it gets better as the autumn has ripened.



A special Cafe is on the way to Minrakjeong Pavilion.

After walking on the wooden deck, it is a good place to view sculptures

while drinking coffee.

Originally this place was known as Professor Gang Taesung’s Sculpture Park

and now this Cafe is operating.

The entrance of CafeStone feels like a sculpture park rather than a cafe.



From now on, let’s meet the art works,

all of them are the works of Professor Gang Teasung.

We looked around every sculpture slowly

and appreciated them one by one.



They just came to me easily without any special meanings.

I was much surprised that all works were made of stone.

Works in harmony with nature...

I just pushed the shutter without any camera technic,

but all my photos also looked like a work.


Going up behind the cafe, a little pond appeared

and came to me faintly.

I watched it for a while.

Being added by autumn leaves, it came to me very specially.


In Gobok Natural Park, it’s OK to think

the reservoir to be its center and Minrakjeong Pavilion its entrance,

where many people take a rest for a short time.



The park is eco-friendly and its entrance is simple.

One guide signboard, a small parking lot and a rest room are all of them.

Stepping down from the parking lot to the wooden deck

is the start of Gobok Natural Park tour. 

On the deck you can see the reservoir right beside you

and a few wooden benches for a rest.

It is comfortable for you to walk

because all courses are connected with wooden decks.




Here and there I saw colorful autumn foliage, but no autumn flowers.

Maybe I could see better sceneries in spring

as cherry blossoms are very beautiful here in spring.

On the wooden deck, fallen maple leaves appeared intermittently.

It rained slightly. 

If you walk on this trail with your lover holding an umbrella together,

it would be romantic.

We finished our tour at here, just half of it.


A little more walking(about 1.5Km more) leads us

at Yeongidaecheopbi(Yeongi Big Vitory Monument). 

Yeongidaecheopbi is a monument to honor the big victory

against Mongolian troops in 1291(King Chungreol 17th year of Goreo Dynasty).

There are a large square and a swimming pool

operating only in summer for free.

Coffee shop, convenience store, restaurants also appear.

Maybe this seems to be the main place of Gobok Natural Park.

Only one inconvenient thing

is that after parking your car and walking along the wooden decks,

you have to go back the long way to your car.

If they operate a system like circulation bus,

it would be more convenient for visitors to go back to their car.


Our sixth healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city

is the Space Geodetic Observation Center.

A very good place for children to experience field study.

As the 16th in the world, the 3rd in Asia and the 1st in Korea,

the Space Geodetic Observation Center can measure

the distance of the earth easily with radio waves from the space.

I have thought it as a simple observatory,

but it really was a special place I could have never imagined.

Admission fee was free and everything was quite good

but opening date was a little inconvenient.It opens only on weekdays.

It would be better if children can experience this place with their parents

on weekends.

A group of more than 10 people should make a reservation in advance.



PR Department of Space Geodetic Observation Center

It was neat and cozy different from its out-appearance.

Inside colors and interior are charming and pretty at children’s eye level.

They could easily understand the history of Korea’s space observation

by looking around those displays.

As we learned, the space observation in my country started from Cheomsungdae

in Silla Kingdom era.

I was sorry I couldn’t tell the love story of Asadal to my kids.

I could feel all the developments as time had passed for long.


Lights are on when the button is pushed.


There is a visible simulation for easy understanding of the principles.


I saw an astronomical telescope here, the idol in my childhood.



It was not easy to understand even after watching the simulation,

and the staff explained once more with an animation program for children.

Finally I understood it clearly through watching the video.

There is an experience program which measures the real mountain height

after checking national control points.

They say that there are 25,000 national control points in Korea.

It is very good for children’s education

because they can experience how to measure the mountain height

with those instruments.


There is also an Astronomical Observatory separately.

With the space geodetic technology VLBI(Very Long Baseline Interferometer),

this observatory not only enhances the accuracy of national control points

but also observes the rotation of the earth.



Our seventh healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city

is Geumgang Arboretum,

which is officially named as Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest.

You had better go there with enough time

because its area is wider than expected and there are a lot of things to see. You can enjoy special experience in this arboretum.

From the middle of July to the end August, its camping site is opened,

good for families with children.

And all year round you can stay in the House of Forest at a reasonable price, which is equipped with TV, refrigerator, cooking wares, gas stove, sink, bedclothes, shower room, etc.

In addition, the admission fee and car parking are free

to the users of House of Forest.


Botanical Garden, the landmark of Arboretum.

After passing the ticket office and walking along the fallen leaves, t

he Botanical Garden appears first.



A little more walking leads you to the Museum in the forest.

I felt a very special mood here.



And then Metasequoia Road appears inside.

Personally I liked this place the most. 

Not very long but walking, sitting, watching in there were all very good to me.



Forest trail of Literature, a good place to stroll.

Good with family members, a fresh love would spring up again with your lover.

It was somewhat quiet and calm as we went there on a weekday.

The end of the course is ChangYeonjeong Pavilion.


When you reach here, there are persimmons on the tree,

ready to be food for magpies.


Above all, the scenery from here is breath taking.



Just watching this view makes me happy.

When you feel the life too heavy or meet a hard problem,

come here and relax your body and mind for a while.



Our eighth healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city

is the Presidential Archives,

where you can see all memorial records of successive presidents.

Politically, we have a strong presidential system,

so these days I really feel the fact that the decision of president

directly influence our future and happiness.

I recommend you to visit this place with your kids

and feel the vivid historical education field with your body.

No need to make a reservation for individual,

but prior reservation is needed for a group of 10 people above

or when you want a commentator’s service.


View Course

1F ☞ 4F ☞ 3F ☞ 2F

The Presidential Archives consists of 4 floors

and in the robby on 1F, the President Car is displayed,

a real car used from 1992 to 2009 by former presidents.


1F Presidential Emblem Hall

You can meet every successive presidents here.



4F Presidential History Hall

You can learn about the leadership of presidents.

The memory of the site is still continued vividly.

While watching the gavel used in cabinet councils,

old campaign posters from the days of first president Rhee Syng-man,

I felt the stream of time.



3F Presidential Experience Center

You can meet the passion of the president

through experiencing with your body.

Let’s make our own campaign posters. We all made various posters.


I experienced presidential inauguration myself

by addressing Presidential Oath of Office.

This is the list of presents they received, which seems to be a museum level.



A staff in 3F kindly took a picture of us.



Our ninth healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city is Sejong Lake Park.

The the largest artificial lake in Korea,

62 times wideness of a standard soccer field, 3m of water depth,

composed of 5 artificial islands,

walking trails and bike roads around the lake.

You can enjoy a full relaxation anytime.


Stage Island, one of 5 artificial islands was made in the shape of a pebble

scrubbed by the water of the Geumgang River for a long time

and has 672 seats.

The Stage Island is most beautiful when all lamps are on.



For the beautiful night view,

the lighting system of Sejong Lake Park operates from sunset to 11 PM.


People enjoying Lake Park.

Most of them are family members, look quite comfortable.

Children are happy just seeing fish in the water

as a lot of fish are in the lake.


Girl Statue of Peace and a Vacant chair

On 14th December 2011,

the 1000th Wednesday Demonstration day which started in 1992,

the first Girl Satue of Peace was installed in front of the Embassy of Japan

in Seoul, and then in 2015 it was erected here, too.

There is a vacant chair beside the Girl Statue, which has two meanings.

One is expressing our condolences to the girls who already died,

the other is for visitors sitting on this vacant chair,

thinking of the girls’ sad situations and feelings

and joining the crying of old women who were victims of sexual slavery

for the Japanese imperial military during the second World War.

As soon as reading these meanings, I felt sad with tears in my eyes.


We also sat there and decided to join and support the old women.

The mind of my acquaintance who took this photo might be shook

because this picture seems to be waved.



Beside the Girl Statue of Peace, there is a mailbox to send letters to the old women.

I sent a support message, too.




Our tenth healing tour spot in beautiful Sejong city is Milmaru Observatory.

A shelter is on first floor

and you can go up to the observatory on ninth floor by elevator.

You can see the scenery of Sejong city through its transparent window glass.



The meaning of Milmaru? a low mountain ridge.

Milmaru is also the old name of an area

in Jongchonri, Nammyeon, Yeongigun, Sejong city.

From this observatory, you can look around in every direction

over the Sejong city.

It takes a short time from Sejong Lake Park by car

as it is less than 3 Km away.



Turning on the right side along the transparent window glass,

I took pictures of Buildings, parks, changing views of Sejong city.

You can see all of these at one glance at here.



Sejong city seems to be finishing its view very quickly

even though it began just a few years ago.

But in accordance with its future city plan, the city will be changing continuously. I am looking forward to seeing its future view.

Please visit this Milmaru Observatory to see the whole Sejong city for free

when you come to Sejong city.



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