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제목 Sejong Special Self-governing City, a smart city whose citizens get happy.
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One year ago on a cold winter day in December, 2017 !

I did my moving-in notification.

At first only apartments, govern buildings and snow covered Sejong Lake Park

icily welcomed my family,

but sometimes we would be charmed by the night views of Sejong city,

which is more beautiful than daytime.

After receiving a welcoming message from the Sejong city,

never received that kind of letters from other cities before,

our family members’ frozen minds were melted like snow

by the warm and considerate welcoming letter.


Our Sejong life started like this, and through experiencing eco-friendly

and smart Sejong city life day by day,

we could confirm that how excellent our hard-won decision

of moving-into Sejong city was.

First of all, Auto-Clean Net, a garbage disposal system

being installed in the whole city was a blessing to my life

that had always suffered from those stinky garbage smells in apartments.

^^(distress of my garbage throw-away job on behalf of my lovely wife)

In the former city, in spite of having bought a bike,

I could not ride it enough because of so many up and down bike roads.

But now I can enjoy riding to the fullest.

And Eoulling, the public bike service in Sejong city was a new world to me.

With this service, you can enjoy riding a bicycle comfortably

anytime anywhere at the price of 30,000won/year.

In addition, the current Eoulling system was convenient to use,

but it’s a little hard to connect and disconnect heavy bikes

with the bicycle racks when I rented.

But now

new Eoulling bicycles and much more convenient rental system were introduced.

 More than public bike service, when my wife has some problems in her car,

she can use Car Sharing Service

at its Parking Zones installed every town in the city.

Recently the first Residential Car Sharing Service has been introduced in Sejong city.

For the management of those cars,

Sejong Southern Self-support Center took the responsibility

and created many relevant local jobs.

Sharing Economy is the the most important future-oriented system

to make a sustainable smart city

through protecting environment and saving natural resources.

Furthermore in this summer,

an innovative eco-friendly rainwater remover from umbrella was introduced

to reduce the amount of vinyl umbrella

 which is too much wasted in rainy season.

This product made Sejong citizens surprised once more.

Having looked at these endless efforts of Sejong city,
 I was not only deeply moved but also decided to do my best
to keep the environment of Sejong city where I am living.

I have a compact car because I run a long way every day

and cannot afford to buy an electric car yet,
trying to join protecting the environment.

But I am looking forward to the day using those Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

in Sejong city.


Are you surprised at all these things yet?

But every day in Sejong city is a continuation of wonder.

Recently Sejong city was selected as the ‘Model City of Approved Smart City’

supported by Korean Government.

And now many places in the city are under experiments and studies

applied various smart technologies.

One day evening

while walking with my family in Sejong Lake Park, my daughter exclaimed,

“ Daddy, what a surprise! The lights are on automatically and get brighter

as we approach near the lamps !”



 this is an application of the very IoT(Internet of Things) Sensor Lighting technology,

to save maximum electricity through controling the lighting brightness

according to the number of approaching people.

To guide the status of micro-fine dust,

 a smart lighting system is being operated

 in 4 different colors like a traffic light.



And in Sejong Lake Park,

various lighting systems combined with smart technologies

are offering convenience to the citizens.

Especially Sejong city aims at a ubiquitous smart city

where citizens can be easily accessible to networks anytime anywhere

through widening free public wi-fi.


Automatic Pedestrian Recognition Traffic Light

helps pedestrians cross the crosswalk safely

without waiting when cars do not pass.

Citizen’s safety is most important in Smart City.

Smart Projection Mapping Device prevents pedestrians from jaywalking

 at night and reduces traffic accidents.



Moreover Automatic Parking Meters are convenient

because you can park at a low price

and no need of waiting for the guide for the payment.


What do you think of all these smart systems?

Do you envy Sejong citizens?


After having lived here for 1 year, I felt that

Sejong city is suggesting the Role Model of Happy City

through practically using smart technologies

to make a eco-friendly and safe city.


By the way, who do you think are in charge of

all these various smart administrative service in Sejong city?

Only the mayor and city officials?

No way!

Sejong city already operates a program ‘Wise Sejong Life’

supporting citizens to experiment various ideas voluntarily.

To complete a safe and eco-friendly Smart City,

the whole city should be a laboratory,

citizens as well as city officials test various ideas together

and spread good ideas widely.

Implementation of Social Living Lab is the city’s aim.

Having experienced Sejong Life for one year only,

 it allowed me to feel and experience a lot of things,

which is impossible in any other cities.

I wish Sejong city would be the leading Smart City in Korea

and as a citizen, I will also join and support the aim actively.

Welcome to Sejong city, a good place to live ^^

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