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제목 Famous Temples in Sejong city fitting in well with fall.
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태그 [English]

I think most people like temples in mountains

even if they are not Buddhists.

Just admiring wonderful sceneries of nature,

breathing fresh air in the forest,

strolling around temples

would be all good for healing your body and mind.

This autumn I have toured 3 temples that match autumn very well

among many temples in Sejong city.

The first one I’d like to introduce is YeongPyeongsa Temple,

the best one among others.

It’s the place where Korean Daisy Festival is held in October every year.

Fog is easily associated with fall

and Korean Daisy fits in well with fog.

When we arrived, Korean Daisy Festival already ended,

but in the fog white Korean Daisies greeted us brightly .

The fog covers the background,

so the object is well focused,

which makes this photo taken in heavy fog

much prettier.

Following those Korean Daisies along the trail of Janggun Mountain,

we met a place where many clay jars are stored.

All of them are filled with Doen-jang(Soybean paste),

Gan-jang(Soy sauce), Gochu-jang(Red chili paste),

which were aged 17-18 years.

Having been responsible for offering Buddhists,

these various Jangs are being fermented in big clay jars for over 10 years.

It is also named ‘Yeongpyeong Food Production Factory’ 

under Missionary Work Division for financial self-support of this temple.

Yeongpyeongsa Temple has 6 traditional buildings of cultural property level

and 3 underground caves.

This discipline temple has been designated as Korea’s Traditional Temple No.78.

In spring Azalea and Royal azalea,

in summer Plantain lily and Hydrangea,

in fall Korean Daisy are in full blooms

around the Yeongpyeongsa Temple and Janggun Mountain.

The fall of Yeongpyeongsa Temple shows a dreamlike view in the fog.


The second one I’d like to introduce is the Biamsa Temple

located in Jeonuimyeon, Sejong city.

When I arrived at Biamsa Temple being dyed into autumn colors,

a zelkova tree aged more than 800 years welcomed me.

It was a little too early but soon,

colorful autumn foliage would be dyed thicker.

In front of monks’ discipline room, a bamboo net was pendent.

From inside of the net

I took a picture of the Main Temple and 3 Story Stone Tower.

In front of the Main Temple appears 3 Story Stone Tower,

constructed in late Goryeo Dynasty

with the style of late Unified Silla Kingdom,

designated as Tangible Cultural Asset No. 3 of Sejong city.

I went up to Mountain Spirit Shrine behind the Main Temple

because its scenery looked very good.

From Mountain Spirit Shrine, the whole Biamsa Temple was seen at a glance.

I became happy just imagining

how beautiful this scenery would be

in the highest peak of fall season,

when red and brown leaves are fully colorful.

We moved to the next temple, Hwangreongsa Temple.

The last temple fitting in well with fall in Sejong city

is Hwangreongsa Temple at Yeondongmeon.

The fallen leaves have covered the parking lot already.

Stepping into Hwangreongsa Temple,

I saw the Outdoor Cheonbuljeon(A thousand Buddha-Statue Altar).


At present, only 400 Buddha-Statues have been finished.

When 1000 statues are all completed, that image would be very magnificent.

But the present Cheonbuljeon in the autumn colored forest

is also showing its spectacular scale.

In the middle of the wide entrance, Toad Rock is located.

A little above of it

Bull Rock, the symbol of Hwangwu(Yellow Bull) Mountain, is located.

From the Bull Rock I saw the Main Temple of Hwangreongsa Temple

being colored by yellow leaves.

Kitties flocked in the warm autumn light, enjoying the sunshine.

Now I finish my autumn temple tour in Sejong city,

with the scenery of Hwangreongsa Temple

in the quiet and clean Hwangwu Mountain.

I have introduced 3 temples in Sejong city that fit in well with fall.

Yeongpyeongsa Temple of Korean Daisy,

Biamsa Temple of 800 year old zelkova tree and 3 Story Stone Tower,

Hwangreongsa Temple of Outdoor 1000 Buddha-Statues.

How about visiting temples in the clean fresh forest

 for your Sejong city tour this fall?

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