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제목 Tourist attractions in Sejong city good for walking with your kids.
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There are so many tourist spots in Sejong city.

All ones are good places to visit in every season
as each place has its own characteristics and hidden attractions.

In spring, cherry blossoms of Bangchukcheon Stream and the Gobok Reservoir…

In summer, Geumgang Arboretum and Sejong Lake Park with Pool Island for children... 

In fall, Korean chrysanthemum(or Korean Daisy) in Yeongpyeongsa Temple…

In winter, Hard Rime on trees of the Hapgang River, etc.

A lot of places to go and enjoy…

Among other places, I would like to introduce mountains, Dulle-gil or walking trails, arboretum, etc.

where you can talk with your kids while walking,
in the hope of your better enjoyment
whether you are a Sejong citizen or a tourist.


< Do you hear children’s laughing in Sejong city? >

Sejong city is told as a happy city.

It is the youngest city in Korea with average age 36
because most couples are younger than those of any other cities.

Despite sinking fertility rates in Korea, Sejong city enjoys increasing baby crying
thanks to its affluent cultural and artistic infrastructure and reputable living conditions.

Well, what do you think the biggest happiness of your kids is?

Let’s go to Sejong city with me to find ways to make your kids happy.

▽ The best scenery, citizen’s shelter ‘Mount Jeonwol’

<Hapgang Wetland Park overlooked at the entrance to Mount Jeonwol >

Sunrising at Hapgang Wetland Park photographed before going up to Mount Jeonwol,

this spot is very famous for its beautiful scenery of sunrise, wet fog, fresh green in spring and fall as well as hard rime on trees in winter.

Hapgang Wetland Park is located at the confluence of the Geumgang River
and Miho Stream, which are lifelines of Sejong city.

In the back there is a huge bridge named Aramchan Bridge,
shaped flapping wings of a hawk soaring in the sky.

It is the latest constructed bridge in Sejong city
and its central 2 lanes are connected with BRT road.

There are bike driveways and jogging trails, and you can see many people enjoying their morning exercise.

<Yangwhari Gingko trees and Sungmogak Shrine at the entrance to Mount Jeonwol>

A couple of huge gingko shows you its nice figure in fall.

People say that the trees were planted about 600 years ago
by General Im Nansu, a Goryeo Dynasty’s loyalist who lived out of the world
after his dynasty had been destroyed by Lee Seonggye, the first king of Joseon Dynasty.

It is said that Lee Seonggye asked General Im
to join his new dynasty many times
but General Im rejected his offers.

Sungmogak Shrine was built to honor his faithful spirit.

<Famous sights in Jeonwol mountain easily accessible to children>

‘Myeoneuri bawi(Daughter-in-law‘s Rock) is believed that 

if you light a candle in front of it and make a wish with your full heart,
that would be fulfilled.

‘Dragon well and Willow’ has a legend that
after 100 years’ prayer to become a dragon in this well,
a monstrous snake called ‘Imoogi’ had tried to ascend into heaven,
but fell to the ground and became a willow.

The peak of Mount Jeonwol is not so high
but you can look around in all directions over the Sejong city.

‘Sangyeo bawi(Rock)’ has a sad legendary story that on this rock
General Im Nansu missed his perished Goryeo Dynasty all the time and died.

It would be interesting for you finding out attractions one by one
like a picture puzzle while walking in Jeonwol mountain.

And telling legendary stories to your kids would increase their impressions
of Jeonwol mountian, that would be remembered for a long time.

< Hapgang Wetland Park, where the sun rises>

Behind the Aramchan Bridge that showed a beautiful sunrise this morning, 

appears Sejong Hapgang Campsite, a very popular place nationwide.

And there are Hapgangjeong Pavilion, Yongmibong Forest Trail, etc.

where various wildlifes inhabit
such as otters, bean geese, lovebirds, water deer and so on.

<Panorama of Sejong city’s downtown>

In front of Jeonwol mountain, you can see Sejong Lake Park, 

Government Buildings and National Arboretum which is on construction.

It took me about 40 minutes
from the Gingko tree entrance to the peak of Jeonwol mountain,
but another course from Wolsan Industrial Complex takes almost the same time
and the road is also good for walking hand in hand with your kids.

▽Children’s Heaven, Children’s Shelter 'Wonsu Mountain’

  <Bluebird Kids Forest Experience Garden in Wonsu Mountain>

At the entrance to Wonsu Mountain, 

Bluebird Kids Forest Experience Garden is located,

which opened in March this year for the first time in Sejong city
as a children’s forest experience place.

It seems to be a children’s heaven.

Do you know what pine cones are?

The name of this garden has ‘Bluebird’, symbol bird of Sejong city.

Its program includes observing insects and plants in every season,
various plays using natural landform in the forest.

So playing itself in this garden is a learning process,
a real educational field.

<The peak of Wonsu Mountain >

Slowly going up from Daedeoksa Temple 

through ‘Bluebird Kids Forest Experience Garden to the peak,
which takes me within 40 minutes.

Its walking trails are good and many shelters are there.​

▽ Twisted river photographed at ‘GgoeGgori bong’(Nightingale Peak)

<Night view from Janggunbong Peak>

I arrived at the peak before daybreak to catch sunrise, 

but it’s also good to come during the day.

The red lines on the road are light tracks of commuting cars.

< Dawn at Janggunbong Peak>
When the red energy of the sun glared down over the Geumgang River, 

I naturally admire the beauty.

You can’t imagine how beautiful it is when spring comes
and so many azaleas are bursting into full bloom.

In fact, there are many spots you can take pictures of twisted river in Korea.

Korean peninsula shaped-twisted river in Yeongwol,
the yin-yang symbol shaped-twisted river at Okjeongho Lake,
Jeongsun, Danyang, Ulsan, etc.

But the twisted river scenery taken at Janggunbong Peak
is also beautiful like other ones.

A couple of nightingales are on the heads of Korean Totem Poles
named Cheonha-daejanggun and Jiha-yeojanggun
who guard Janggunbong Peak.

You can reach at Nightingale Peak with 300m more walking
from Janggunbong Peak.

The distances from the entrance to Janggunbong Peak and to Nightingale Peak
are 900m and 1200m respectively,
that would be within 1 hour walking with your kids.

The trail from Janggunbong Peak to Nightingale Peak was renovated
for a safe climbing.

From the deck of Janggunbong Peak,
you can see Buyongri Cherry Blossoms Road
stretching along the Geumgang River,
which is very beautiful in spring.

▽ ‘Bihak Mountain’ feeling autumn to the fullest.

Bihak Mountain has a few trails.

If you start from the parking lot of Geumnammyeon Sports Park,
you can enjoy beautiful Gingko forest while walking.

Bihak Mountain is 163m high and has gentle slopes, 
the Geumgang River flows in the west.

The name Bihak originated from the mountain shape 
forming like a soaring crane in the sky.

Recently the Nurigil(gentle trail) 
that connects Bihak Mountain and Geumbyeong Mountain
has become a new attraction in Sejong city.

The 8.8km course was newly made in October last year
and has gentle slopes in the forest.

You can hike with your kids
and fully enjoy the beauty and the mood of fall.

Commune with trees while walking in the pretty forest.

It helps your kids not only explore natural ecosystem
but also heal enough by themselves.

You can choose various courses along the Bihaksan trail
including Bihaksan Sunrise Peak, Baramjae Park,
Geumbyeongsan Peak and so on,
which makes it a new hiking attraction among Sejong citizens.

<Bongsan Juniper Tree, Korean Natural Monument No.321>

Bongsan Juniper Tree was planted by Gangwha Choe Family
about 400 years ago,
its trunks are shaped like twisting dragon’s body soaring into the sky
and its leaves are spread like a thatched roof.

The tree reminds us about the importance of filial duty.

In Obongsan Mountain located at Jochiwon, there is a barefoot walking trail
mostly made with gentle soil, very comfortable to walk barefoot.

You could meet many people enjoying it there.

I saw very red maple leaves like this while hiking Obong Mountain.

It took me one and half hours from Bongsan Juniper Tree entrance
to the peak of Obong Mountain.

Here 9.7km beltway-type trail will be made for citizens’ exercise activities,
which is a part of ‘Young Jochiwon Plan’

▽ ‘Gobok Reservoir’ meeting place with wild birds and gentle breeze of lake

Originally Gobok Reservoir was made for supplying agricultural water,
but gradually became famous nationwide for its various plentiful fish
such as carp, blue gill, bass, etc.

It was designated as a county park by Yeongigun County
and is now well renowned as the best tourist attraction in Sejong city area.

If you come to Gobok Reservoir with your kids,
you will enjoy communing with wild birds
because they frequently dabble in water and fly into the sky
right in front of you.

There are a lot of good restaurants around Gobok Reservoir
but I would like to recommend
a Maeuntang(spicy fish stew) specialty restaurant,
having been operated through two generations
for more than 30 years.

You have only two menu here,
catfish maeuntang and freshwater shrimp maeuntang.

Most guests prefer catfish maeuntang because it has deeper tastes.

There are a famous pavilion called Minrakjeong and a big pine tree.

From Minrakjeong Pavilion you can enjoy the whole view of Gobok Reservoir
and having a snack while watching your kids’ cheerful playing on the lawn.

In fall the reeds of Gobok Reservoir are beautiful,
a very nice place to tour
as you can also feel the charming countryside mood.

Metasequoia and pine trees around the Reservoir will add the autumn flavor,
which makes the photos of your kids more beautiful.

▽ ‘Geumgang Arboretum, where trees and forest give you a real healing.

The baby walking in front of her mother, very cute ,isn’t she?

In summer, walk barefoot on the S-shaped red clay metasequoia trail,
that would be very helpful to your healthy body and mind.

Red and brown leaves are so beautiful,
and look at the children’s faces
hopping like rabbits.

Geumgang Arboretum is composed of 25 theme gardens,
among them the most popular ones are
Magnolia garden and Azalea garden coming into full bloom in April,
Rose garden where 140 species of roses boast of various flowers in June,
Wildflower garden used as educational field for forest description,
and Metasequoia red clay roads.

In fall, the whole arboretum is embroidered
with white flowers of Korean Daisy,
which presents a magnificent scenery.

Tree-lined roads of 10 species including Zelkova Walkway, etc. are colored 
with red and brown leaves, very preferable sites among visitors.

Especially in October Maple Garden is regarded as the best dating course 
in Sejong city because it is filled with the real autumn mood.

When your kids exclaim “Wow! Awesome!” while walking,
hug them tightly as they are being healed
through communing with the trees and forest.

Chungcheongnamdo Forest Environment Institute :

▽ The biggest ‘Lake Park’ in Korea.

Sejong Lake Park is located near the Government Complex 
and the biggest urban artificial lake in Korea.

It is composed of 5 artificial islands
named Water Stage Island, Festival Island, Swimming Pool Island,
Waterflower Island and Marsh Island.

There are a lot of nice pine trees and various places 
where children can meet fish,
enjoy water sports, etc.

A mom and a dad are hugging their children at Water Stage Island,
the landmark of Sejong Lake Park.

It was made in the shape of a pebble scrubbed by the water of Geumgang River
and has 672 seats for audiences.

This is located in the center of the lake
so you can watch cultural performances
while enjoying the beautiful scenery around.

This is Hill of The Wind where you can see beautiful sunsets,
which gives you long-lasting memories
in harmony with Water Stage Island, National Sejong Library,
Presidential Archives, etc.

National Sejong Library shaped an unfolded book was selected 
as the best beautiful Library in the world.

Among many tourist attractions in Sejong city,
Sejong Lake Park is a comfortable place
for children, family members and lovers to come,
a very good place for walking and going out day and night
in every season.

Sejong Lake Park Homepage:


Sejong city has a lot of tourist attractions,

do you understand
why it is the youngest city in Korea
and baby crying increases?

I heartly wish many people visit Sejong city
and receive Sejong’s young energy.

‘ Welcome to Sejong city’

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