Cultural Interpreter

Travel Cultural Interpreter

Cultural Interpreters for your pleasant Sejong Tour!

Cultural interpreters give a brief explanation of the history, culture and nature of Sejong to tourists to have a better understanding of the local culture and get an opportunity to experience local culture.

What is a 'cultural interpreter'?

A person who gives the accurate information on local cultural heritage (e.g., national treasure, temple, folklore, intangible culture, historical site, natural monument, etc.), culture and tourist resources to tourists at tourist attractions

세종특별자치시 문화관광해설사 현황표 : 성명, 연락처, E-mail, 배치지역으로 구성
Name Telephone E-mail Places
Lim Jae han 010-5423-7221 호수공원
Sejong Lake Park
Milmaru Observatory
Kim Joung su 010-6420-1140 봉산동향나무
Bongsan-dong Juniper Tree
Yun En Si 011-9414-2797 운주산성
Unjusanseong Fortress
Lim Hern Jae 010-3033-5423 세종호수공원 일대
Sejong Lake Park
Baek Yeon J 010-9095-7345 세종호수공원 일대
Sejong Lake Park
Youn Sun Hee 010-9104-9283 세종호수공원 일대
Sejong Lake Park
Kim Yun Hee 010-2000-1848 세종호수공원 일대
Sejong Lake Park
Park Kye Seong 010-9890-6962 비암사
Biamsa Temple
Yeongi Battle Monument
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