The traditional temple, Biamsa Temple, is said to be a temple founded by the Great Master Doseon during the late Unified Silla era, but the accurate history has not been identified yet. The house in the Geukrakbojeon Hall of Biamsa Temple, which was restored in 8th the year during the reign of King Hyojong (1657), has a delicate and glamorous design. The National Treasure No. 106, which was founded at Biamsa Temple in 1960, is stored at the Cheongju National Museum, while the National Treasure No. 367 and 368 are preserved at Gongju National Museum. As the temple is surrounded by forests with very few people, you can fully enjoy a beautiful and cozy atmosphere of an ancient temple; a zelkova tree aged over 800 years is another special thing you should not miss.

The Biamsa Temple Dokkaebi Road

The Biamsa Temple Dokkaebi Road is a road stretching about 150m in the middle of the mountainous way to Biamsa Temple. Despite being a downward slope, it causes an optical illusion of an ascending road; that’s why it is called “Dokkaebi (Goblin) Road.” As there is a road sign to inform the start and end points, some curious tourists try to figure out for themselves whether it is a downward or upward road.


  • Opening hours : Open through the year
  • Admission fee : Free