Every April, people remember the cherry blossoms fully blooming in the clear day. Sejong City has three major cherry blossom paths. The attractions of each path, including Jocheon Cherry Blossom Path, Gobok Reservoir Cherry Blossom Path and Buyong Cherry Blossom Path, make you stop and watch the beautiful cherry blossoms.If you want to have beautiful memories under the fully bloomed cherry blossom trees, why don’t you visit Sejong City’s Cherry Blossom Paths?

Jocheon Cherry Blossom Path

A stream between Jochiwon, Sejong City and Osong, Chungbuk is flowing as a rest area for the public. Every April, fully bloomed cherry blossom trees make spectacular scenery surrounding the riverside. It is one of the best attractions of Sejong City where families and lovers should visit.

  • Location : Surrounding Jocheon-gyo, Sang, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong City

Buyong Cherry Blossom Path

At Buyong, Bugang-myeon, Sejong City, which is located after about 20 minutes from Cheotmaeul, the Geumrakjeong Pavilion along the Geumgang River is located. One of three major cherry blossom paths in Sejong City appears through the path to Geumrakjeong Pavilion, Buyong. As a rest area for the lifeline of Geumgang River, Buyong makes passersby stop to watch its 20-year-old cherry blossom trees every April.

  • Location : Surrounding Buyong, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong City

Reservoir Cherry Blossom Path

The cherry blossom path along with Gobok Reservoir is popular for its course for driving and riding. While watching cherry blossom trees, you can see the Yeongi Battle Monument Park. As one of Korea’s seven major battles, the Yeongi Battle took place in Yeonseo-myeon where General Han Hui-yu, In Hu and Kim Heun defeated rebel forces from Yuan, who invaded Goryeo to Geumgang River during the reign of King Chungryoel.

  • Location : Surrounding Gobok Nature Park (Gobok Reservoir), Yongam, Yeonseo-myeon, Sejong City