If you walk through from the entrance of the village, you can see a magnificent view with a thousand jars full of the traditional sauces. Located at the foot of the Unjusan Mountain, Sejong City, Dwiungbak Village is a traditional sauce theme park where local residents can spend a leisurely time with traditional sauces and culture. The village provides a place of rest and social education by providing opportunities to study, examine, preserve and display Korean traditional sauce culture. The village also has a museum for easy understanding of accurate regional culture regarding traditional sauces. The museum has two exhibition halls, displaying not only a variety of bean seeds but also various old books that describe the process of making sauces, sauce ingredients and their history, and exhibiting various pottery wares under themes such as “soybean paste,” “soy sauce,” “red pepper paste,” and “kitchen gadgets” as well as providing various experience opportunities.


  • Opening hours : 09:00-19:00 (Museum 10:00-18:00)
  • Closed : Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok Holidays (Museum: Every Monday)
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Time for seeing the exhibition: One hour-One and a half hour

Major facilities

  • [Janghyang Room] Janghyang (restaurant), Manufacturing room (Room for producing/packing fermented soybean lumps), Ganghak Room (the seminar room), Hyegang Room (a small conference room), Exhibition Item Shop (a direct-operated shop selling pastes and sauces), Office
  • [Dongwol Room] Sejong Traditional Sauce Museum (Room for experiencing lifestyle with hanbok, Traditional Etiquette Class, Traditional Tea Culture Class)
  • [Dongwol Pavilion] Korean Traditional pavilion (rest area for visitors)
  • [Fermentation Room] Fermentation by red clay, Room for thermally controlled fermentation (Room for ripening and fermenting soybean paste lumps)
  • [Exhibition Hall] Exhibition hall for displaying fermentation of soybean paste lumps (Sauce Theme Exhibition Hall)
  • [Experience Hall] Training room, Image seminar room, Sauce experience room, a small conference room
  • [Information on experiences] Making soybean paste lumps and tofu, boiling beans, making soybean paste and rice cake, experiencing foods with traditional sauces and pastes, etc.