The Geumgang River National Recreation Forest is a perfect place for the summer vacation to both enjoy the history of Baekje and experience learning in the forest. As it has untouched natural characteristics, you can see green environment from the entrance of the forest and see a variety of tropical plans in the Tropical Greenhouse, the forest’s landmark. From mid-July to August, a camping site is opened to experience pleasant camping.

The Forest House

The Forest house is a made of logs in the forest. It is available for all four seasons and can be borrowed by regular visitors.

  • Fee: 56,000 won-110,000 won
  • Facilities: TV, Refrigerator, Sink, Gas ranges, Electric rice cooker, Air conditioner, Cooking utensils, Bedding and shower facility
    ※ Visitors should have toilet articles and garbage bags (Sejong area)
  • For visitors who use HOT Lodging facility, parking and admission fee are free of charge.


It is a place to stroll through the woods for having phytoncide in the forest. Although it is a small place, you can have a pleasant camping experience by availing a spacious tent as well as using a pool free of charge.

  • Opening July to August (Reservation system)
  • Fee: 1,500 won for admission, 4,000 won for camping, 3,000 won for parking
  • Facilities: Kitchen, Toilet, Pool, Shower facility (No additional costs for the facilities)

Introduction of the Geumgang Arboretum

The Geumgang Arboretum is divided into the Exhibition Arboretum and the Professional Arboretum; the former is provided as a place of leisure to give visitors the opportunity to learn from nature and cultivate emotions in connection with the Tropical Greenhouse and the Forest Museum, while the latter is a place for academic research that focuses on protecting valuable regional species of trees and finding and preserving biodiversity.

Introduction of the Forest Museum

Along with the Geumgang Arboretum and the Geumgang River National Recreation Forest, the Forest Museum is frequently visited by people as a place for learning from nature in all the four seasons. With the aim of preserving and exhibiting historical materials in the forest, teaching the public about the forest and providing education on nature, the museum was founded for the first time in rural areas (Late October, 1997). The Museum’s buildings are designed in the traditional architectural style of Baekje. About 4,600 parts for 79 items are displayed in six exhibition rooms, and the Gingko Tree from the Geumsan Mountain, the Guardian Tree from Gongju and the Pine Tree from the Anmyeondo Island are represented as life-size trees. A large-sized greenhouse built as a glass dome displays and exhibits tropical and subtropical plants, while the Wild Animal Village nurtures the four-footed species such as the Asiatic Black Bear and wild pigs and birds such as mandarin ducks and eagles. The museum provides visitors with various things to see with the Arboretum, the Wild Flower Garden and ponds.


  • Opening hours : 9AM-6PM (Mar-Oct), 9AM-3PM (Nov-Feb)
  • Closed : National holidays (New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok)
  • Admission fee : 700 won (Children), 1,300 won (Youth), 1,500 won (Regular)
  • Parking fee : 1,500 won (Subcompact car), 3,000 won (Small- and mid-sized car), 5,000 won (Large-sized car)
  • Major facilities :
    • Geumgang River National Recreation Forest : Forest House (7 rooms), Forest Rest House (5 rooms), Pool (730㎡), Camping site (15 decks), Grass Plaza (8,711 ㎡), Animal Village
    • Geumgang Arboretum : Royal Azalea Center, Red Clay Trail, Rose Center, pond, Tropical Greenhouse, Marsh Center, etc.
    • Forest Museum : 1st-6th Exhibition Rooms