With two underground floors and four floors above the ground, the National Library of Korea, Sejong represents the city’s cultural center which is frequently visited by families since its foundation in 2013. It has the necessary facilities including a library, reading rooms, lecture hall and cafeteria, and provides various educational programs and lectures.

The design of the National Library of Korea, Sejong, is a main attraction. The rooftop has the appearance of a book placed upside down, and as though flipping through the pages of a book passes data from folder to folder. This design has the meaning of accepting the digital concept with the analogue foundation along with humanistic emotions in an effort to make it an expressive library.


  • Location : 48, Dasom 3-ro, Sejong Special Self-governing City (114, Eojin-dong)
  • Opening hours : Mon-Sun 9:00 ~ 6:00 pm Children’s Material Room, Regular Material Room 1·2, Policy Material Room
    Extension of opening hours Mon-Fri 09:00 ~ 9:00 pm Regular Material Room 1 (1F), Regular Material Room 2, Policy Material Room (2F)
  • Closed : The second and fourth Sunday of every month, public office holiday except on Sundays (However, it is closed on Sunday during Lunar New Year’s Holiday and Chuseok Holiday)
  • Procedure for use : After entering into the library freely, a library card is issued for borrowing materials from the library.
    National Library of Korea, Sejong < Passing the entrance < Reading materials < Borrowing materials (Issuing a library card) < Entrance (passing through security gate)
  • Tel : +82-44-900-9114
  • Website :