The Sejong Lake Park has Korea’s largest artificial lake, which is 62 times as big as a soccer field and has 3m of average water level. You can find a beautifully unfolded screen in the neighborhood with the National Library of Sejong and the Jeonwolsan Mountain, which fit in perfectly with the park. The Sejong Lake Park has five artificial islands: the Festival Island as a place for various festivals, the Stage Island that can boast of being the best floating stage in Korea, the Pool Island that associates with the seashore in the city, and the Water Flower Island and the Marsh Island with various water plants and ecological marshes. Plus, a trail and bicycle road near the lake can be a place for Sejong citizens to have a leisurely and relaxed time.


  • Opening hours : 5AM-23PM
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Lighting at night : (Lighting at the park) 5AM-before sunrise, after sunset-23PM / Landscape lighting (Floating stage, Sehogyo Bridge, etc.): After sunset-22PM
  • Fountain (20 min) : Two times on weekdays (Noon, 20PM) / Four times on weekends (Noon, 16PM, 18PM, and 20PM)