Transportation network running in all directions provides easy access from any region

Establishing a regional transportation system connecting to major cities in the country within two hours

  • A major traffic point bordering to two KTX lines, four expressways and three national highways
    • It takes only 53 minutes from Seoul to Sejong (38 minutes by KTX, 15 minutes by car)
  • Constructing seven new regional roads by 2017
    • Easily accessible to major cities in four directions compared to the metropolitan area

Major contents of measures for improving regional transportation system

  • 12 routes and one transfer facility (1st line of Daejeon Urban Railway), one office for improving connection facilities, others (operation of BRT)
  • Total business expense (2 trillion and 782.2 billion won): Road (2 trillion and 640.9 billion won), Transfer and connection facilities (35.8 billion won), Other BRT (105.5 billion won)