Efforts by Sejong City to create a pleasant and humanistic residential environment.

Building various cultural, art and leisure facilities

Sejong City offers rich cultural, art and leisure facilities where a library and a cultural house are integrated into each basic living regional sector to create a human-friendly residential environment. Also, various cultural facilities are provided, including the National Library of Sejong City, a museum, a concert hall and a library.

The National Library of Korea. SejongThe National Library of Korea. Sejong
Bangchukcheon WaterfallBangchukcheon WaterfallNight view of Bangchukcheon WaterfallNight view of Bangchukcheon Waterfall Night view of Sejong Lake ParkNight view of Sejong Lake ParkMarine sports at Sejong Lake ParkMarine sports at Sejong Lake Park

Making future-oriented and customized education specialized city

Sejong City installs advanced educational facilities, limiting the number of students per class to the level of OECD. Through establishing a pleasant educational environment, we create Sejong City as a future-oriented and customized education city so that anyone would want to let their children study in Sejong City.

Sejong Office of EducationSejong Office of EducationSejong Office of EducationSejong Office of Education
  • Launching Smart School for the first time in Korea
    • Establishing an advanced educational environment with the on-the-way-to-school management system, the U-Class system, the school lunch management system, the U-electronic library system, U-Safe, and the U-afterschool learning system
  • Making an advanced educational environment on a par with OECD countries
    • Forming a school system of 20-25 students per class and within 600 students per school
    • Introducing advanced educational programs such as departmentalized class system and non-grade system
  • KAIST, Korea’s top university
    • Establishing the natural science-based Graduate School of Converging Science, the Science & Technology Based Medical Institute, the College of Life Science, the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy
    • Giving preferential benefits for the entrance of students from international schools and Sejong City to go to the university
  • Creating a global university town
    • Building a global university town where prestigious universities at home and abroad are integrated in connection with the Science Belt
      ※ Consultation with Eminata Group, Canada, is being carried out to attract universities