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Korea’s practical administrative capital

Night view of Government Complex SejongNight view of Government Complex Sejong
  • Providing professional administrative services by Sejong City, a multifunctional administrative city
  • Relocating a total of 17 central administrative institutions and 18 affiliated institutions including ten divisions, two agencies, one office and two committees

Creating an international science and business belt

Sejong Special Self-governing City/ Dangjin: Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone.steel/ Naepo New Town:Administration/ Buyeo:Cultural business/ Gyeryong: Advanced national defense/ Gongju(120,000persons):Cultural industry/ Asan, Cheonan(890,000 persons):LCD industry.Education/ Osong:Bio/Ochang:Advanced industry/Cheongju(840,000 persons):Educatiion

Sejong Special Self-governing City establishes a national growth network where global intellectuals are gathered, providing a creative research environment that converges science and business.

first picture- Daejeon(Base Zone):Metropolitan City , Sejong City(Functional Zone), Cheongju, Cheonan / Second picture- Base Zone: Daejeon,Cheonan, Functional Zone: Sejong Special Self-governing City, Cheongju
  • Central sector [Daejeon]
    • A hub for world-class basic science and advanced business
      • Performing the function as a hub for basic research sectors : Establishing Institute for Basic Science and Heavy Ion Accelerator (large-sized research facility)
      • Intensively attracting advanced companies for science-based industries and research and development service industry
      • Setting up a global residential environment and global environment system
  • Functional sector [Sejong Special Self-governing City, Cheonan, Cheongju]
    • Creating a synergy effect through connected activities with the central sector such as joint research, human exchange and operating business
      • In connection with the central sector, conducting applied research, R&D and operating business
  • Designing a wide spatial structure
    • Creating a development pillar by considering characteristics of the industries in Sejong City and neighboring areas
    • Forming a joint development system fitting with the existing wide-scale plans such as Inter-regional Development Area and Chuncheong Regional Economic Area
    • Contributing to balanced development of the national land by designing an integrated spatial structure linking with the metropolitan area, West Sea area (Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone) and the Science Belt
      • Creating a synergy effect for win-win growth with the existing metropolitan cities (Daejeon, Cheongju, Cheonan, and Asan)
      • Possible to form a cluster and secure win-win growth by connecting functions closely with neighboring cities in Chungcheong-do