Symbol mark

  • Symbol mark [Photo]

    The city identity symbolizes “ㅅ”, one of the Korean consonants, which is included in the name of “Sejong (세종).” It also shows a distinguished feature as the one and only city named in pure Korean language. As “ㅅ” is also seen as the shape of a roof tile in a Korean traditional house and implicates a happy urban life in a pleasant living environment as well as the vision of the administrative city. Moreover, by depicting the combination of the four fundamental elements in Taegeukgi, the Korean flag, the symbol refers to harmony, balance, creation, and growth. It emphasizes the city’s leading role in balanced development of the nation. Likewise, the traditional roof eaves towards the sky reflects a future-oriented urban image as a world-wide role model.

Bird of Sejong: the blue bird

  • Bird of Sejong: Blue Bird [Photo]

    It symbolizes Sejong’s strong desire for the pursuit of happiness and development of an ideal future city.

Flower of Sejong: the peach blossoms

  • Flower of Sejong: Peach Blossom [Photo]

    It reflects hope and symbolizes balanced regional development as well as the transformation of the city.

Tree of Sejong: the pine tree

  • Tree of Sejong:Pine Tree [Photo]

    It timelessely symbolizes the upright spirit of our ancestors and represents the evergreenness of the city.