This is Lee Choon-hee, Mayor of Sejong Special Self-governing City.


I am LEE Choon-hee, Mayor of Sejong Special Self-governing City. I sincerely appreciate all the citizens for giving me another chance with unwavering support and trust to serve you again as Mayor of Sejong City.

I will regard your choice as a stern order for me to continue developing Sejong City as the administrative capital of Korea. I promise I will do my best to carry out the order.

It has been my lifelong dream to contribute to Korea to develop evenly where all the people live well together wherever they are. It is a great reward and honor for me to develop Sejong City as a result of my dream. And I feel reassured knowing that Sejong citizens will be with me on the way.

I will not spare any effort to build up Sejong City, the most special city in Korea, to be the administrative capital of Korea and a model city of autonomous decentralization where the will of citizens is realized through administration. I will make Sejong City a dignified city where citizens enjoy their leisurely and harmonious lives. I will develop Sejong City into a smart city leading the 4th industry that grabs the global attention.

I will develop Sejong City a “Special Self-governing City Sejong for the Citizens’ Sovereignty” together with citizens of Sejong. I will work harder and run more with more communication. Thank you.

Mayor of Sejong City
LEE Choon-hee.